The Last Day

Today we did a combination of working and relaxing. In the morning, the men continued to work on the tech building. Joanne and Linda spent the morning at the school, and the rest of the women did some odd jobs around the property.

Some of us went to the beach for the afternoon, and walked in the water among the jelly fish. It was concerning at first, but nobody got stung.

We went to the church service this evening, which was inspiring, seeing the Hatians pour their hearts into their worship. Lisa also prayed for the team, and for safe travel home.

All in all it was a less busy, but good day to end our trip.

As we get ready to head home in the morning (or shall I say in the middle of the night), we are reflecting on this journey. For myself, it was a very fulfilling experience to come to Haiti and serve God here by showing His love to these people in a very practical way.

I will be glad though to be home again with my family, but I know that I will always treasure this experience, and will see things from a new perspective.

Lori Fehr