Haiti ARISE Update


October 6th, 2017

Greetings Everyone;

We have been back in Haiti for a week now. It is the end of summer and it is still very hot.

We landed with a couple of men from the Calgary area that are doing specific jobs.  Danny is working hard to find and fix a significant electrical problem. He seems to be having good success. This will give us more power at less cost. James is working with approximately 20 Haitians scraping and cleaning the Technical School roof. It has been leaking for many years and it is time to get it properly fixed.  Professional roofers from Canada will soon come and complete the job.

Our first team arrived on Tuesday. They are a new team from Ottawa. Some of the team is working in the medical clinic and the rest are working on building a home for a family near us.

Here are some prayers requests:

*a baby was dropped off at our gate when no one was watching. We will investigate into this baby’s life as we integrate him into the children’s village.

*pray for the parents of the children’s village. They have a very large and important ministry rescuing and raising at risk babies and children.

*our teachers of our preschool / elementary school as there has been an enormous increase in attendance. There are approx. 600 students.

*upcoming fall teams as they prepare for their trip to Haiti

*unrest in Haiti due to very heavy recent taxation increases by the government

*our church. It is growing significantly and needs prayer for the leadership for guidance.


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


Wade & Marilyn
Team Hosts

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