Haiti ARISE Update


March 15th, 2017

Greetings from Haiti;

The summer season is fast approaching and the temperature and humidity continue to rise as well!  We are winding things up in country for the season and will soon be returning to Canada to continue the ministry of Haiti ARISE.

Although, we are all leaving here for a few months, the  work continues on with an addition being added to the church, and the ninth child was received into the Children’s Village yesterday.

Our church has been full to capacity for a few months, sometimes people are standing at the back and even outside! Growing pains is a great problem for the church! We have also just hired an administrative pastor, Pastor Moses. The church is to the size in which it needs someone to over see the various ministry areas.

The young boy who arrived at the CV yesterday is Yvenson and he is two years old.  Marc came to know about him while being in the south where we are building homes for families who lost theirs in hurricane Matthew last fall.  He is the result of a rape and his mom is not capable mentally to care for him.  His elderly grandfather has been raising him, but was concerned that when he has passed away that no one would care for him. Now, Yvenson has a bright future…..living in a Christian family with two loving parents, a little sister and two older brothers!  He will be educated and have a secure loving environment to grow up in.

The home rebuilding in the south will continue on for now.  To date, there have been 150 homes built for families who lost theirs in the hurricane last October. Many people have given gnerously to help make this happen.

Here are some items for you to keep in your prayers…

* Yvenson’s adjustment to his new family
* Safety for the crew in the south working on the home rebuilding
* Safe travels for us and the Honorat family over the summer / fall
* Pastor Moses and family in this new ministry position
* For the church to keep moving forward

Thanks for your many thoughts and prayers!

Wade & Marilyn
Team Hosts

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