Thursday Nights:
Switch (grades 5-6) @ 6:30pm
Jr Hi (grades 7-8) @ 6:30pm
Sr Hi (grades 9-12) @ 7:30pm

Sunday Mornings:
Servers In Training (Grade 5-7) @ 11:00 am in the CE Wing
Youth (Grades 8-12) @ 11:00 am in The Loft

** Programs Do Not Run During the Months of July and August **

You have dreams. You have fears. You have friends and you might even have foes.

We’re committed to helping you achieve your dreams, take action despite your fears, and learn how to love others – whether they’re by your side or not.

We want to help you take steps toward Christ, because in Him your purpose will be realized. Through the changing ebb and flow of school, friends, significant others, and family, Christ is the constant you can fix yourself on.

This isn’t some boring Bible study. You’ll experience a real message, engage in fun randomness, and learn things that will change your life. We aren’t out to craft mindless drones, but thinking individuals who take control over their lives – and then give it all up to God because He is worth it, and, above all else, He will come through.

This is CSM.

CSM (Cornerstone Student Ministry) is a community of students who have found themselves connected to one another through school, sports, or maybe because they simply live on the same street, have the same piano teacher, or followed the same cookie crumb path. (mmmmm…. cookies….) We gather together on a regular basis at Cornerstone Church and at various homes throughout the city. Some of us are Christians, but there are a good bunch of us who are simply checking things out, exploring Christianity and the claims Jesus made, or trying to discover what the spiritual life is all about. No matter where you’re at, there’s a place for you here.

Our ultimate dream is more than party games and cheap laughs: It is to follow Jesus Christ, who many of us have embraced as our Lord and God, to share our stories with those still wondering, and to grow in our faith together. At the end of the day, what matters is that we FOLLOW THROUGH on what it means to LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. IMPACT THE WORLD.

CSM is focused on helping parents equip young people between the ages of 10 and 18 to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the gospel, creating an environment of worship, and connecting students to community in and out of the church.

Chaos, that is what. The place is a zoo, with everyone from grades 1 to 12 ripping through the various areas of the church at some point throughout the evening, so keep your head on a swivel! The night usually begins with just a laid back, casual environment, just hanging out with old and new friends, and eating random food (pizza pops and ice cream sandwiches, anyone?). Eventually, we’ll gather as a group and spend some time learning what it means to give praise back to God (worship), and also work to understand what God’s word calls us to do, how to live, and how to grow in a deeper relationship with Him. By the end of the night, we’ve got options! There’s games in the gym, wide games, and group games. You can hang out and chat some more, or find some quiet space for downtime and prayer.

Michael Streilein  is the full-time Pastor of Youth Ministries. You can contact him by phone (306.931.4949) or by email.

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