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DREAMCENTER 2015: EXTRA DAYS! With student blogs from Spencer, Logan & Adam

Welp.  Arrived at the airport this morning to head home only to discover that our flight was cancelled.  SO… we get to spend another night in Phoenix!  Hotel here, then on to Winnipeg via Vancouver tomorrow, the night in Winnipeg and then finally on to home Tuesday morning.

As a result we’re getting some extra bonding time in… which is code for “no more clean laundry, so we are getting reaallllly comfortable with each other”.

It also gives us a chance to catch up on the last of the student blogs!  This morning we got to say our goodbyes to Kristian and Anna who both had a blast at the game last night.  I manged to get their names up on the jumbotron, and they both had so much fun.  This morning we got to meet Kristian’s two kids and fiance as they showed up for Sunday church, and got to pray with he and Anna as we wrapped things up.  Had to drag your kids out of there to get to the airport on time.  Good thing we weren’t late for that ;)

Here’s the blogs… then off to the pool!


Spencer Adams

My highlight of February 20th was going to Glenrosa. It was my favourite part of the day because there was a variety of things to do to help there from having conversations with adults to playing soccer with kids. I had a chance to talk to a guy who said he tries to go to all of the outreaches and that one was his favourite. When I told him I was from Canada he said he’s always wanted to go there, but he never could because he has problems with his hands when it’s cold. I was also playing soccer with a group of people and we noticed this one kid who was shy and got kind of left out because he didn’t know anyone. So we started talking to him and he told us his name, which was Avery. Once we started talking to him he wasn’t so shy anymore. (There was also this really cute baby pit bull.) So that’s why Glenrosa was my favourite outreach to go to.


Adam Fehr

I loved all of the outreaches, but if I had to choose which ones that I liked the most it would be CASS. This outreach had the most impact on my life, as it was so devastating to see how many homeless people need help just in that one part of Arizona. At first I didn’t know what to say to people, so I started out by bringing people coffee and giving a simple “God bless you”. Then later on I started to talk to them and really get to know them. I will specifically remember the one conversation that I had, where I asked this one person how they were doing, and they replied that they were alright and that they would be significantly happier as soon as they were off of the streets. One of the things that I very quickly noticed is, that the evangelizing that goes on in Arizona is much more different than in Canada. If you were to hold a sign reading “HONK FOR JESUS” on the streets of Canada, people would think that you were a little off in the brain. But in Arizona, that is the norm. Overall, this trip has really changed me and I wish to use what I have learned and find ways to use it back home.


Logan Larlham

I just wanted to talk about one of the aspects of the trip that was the most important to me. Each morning we went to the sanctuary to have church service, because we woke up at 5:20 am I was pretty tired for these church sessions every day and may have dozed off occasionally. I managed to fall asleep even with live country-Christian music, incredible testimonies from people who spent years in prison and/or strung out on heroin but found Christ. Saturday morning was different though, they had a guest pastor come in to speak, and his name was Pastor Zo. He had graduated from the program at the Arizona DreamCenter and went on to run a church in the streets of south central L.A. a notoriously rough area. I can tell you that that morning I was not falling asleep, even if I tried. He started the service off with rapping along to a Christian rap song, from artist LeCrae. He called this the “Christian cup of coffee” to wake us up, and it definitely piqued my interest. Starting from that moment until just over an hour later when he was finished, sweating and breathing heavy I never lost interest. He was a ball of energy who had an incredible gift for speaking. It was obvious that he knew who his target audience was, using analogies about selling crack, pimping, and living on the streets, and also dropping an N-word or two, but that did not stop me from enjoying it, and the message he was trying to get across. He quoted the passage Zephaniah 3:17 which reads “The Lord your God is with you, the mighty warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Which summed up the message behind his speech which was essentially ‘everyone needs saving, and the lord will save all’. I’ve been to quite a few different churches, and heard quite a few different pastors speak, but never one like Pastor Zo before. I don’t think I’m going to forget him anytime soon.Photo 2015-02-22, 9 58 46 AM (1) Photo 2015-02-21, 5 52 30 PM

DREAMCENTER 2015: Day 5/6 – Kids, kids, and more kids (Student blogs from Jared, Allison and Savannah)

Quick summary of the last couple days:

– 3 children’s outreaches (2 inner city, and one out to the Gila River Indian Reservation)

– 2 church services

– 1 afternoon at an outlet mall

– In-N-Out Burger (we are going again on the way to the Coyotes game tonight).


Your kids have been fantastic.  Always upbeat, and zero complaining.  For real.  Remember this, parents.

I’ll leave most of the details to the students in their blogs posted below, and then we can get to some pictures.  In about an hour and a half we are heading out to go to the Arizona Coyotes vs. Tampa Bay Lightning NHL game.  The exciting part is that we get to take our hosts with us!  I picked up a couple extra tickets and cleared it with their leaders and got day passes for both Anna and Kristian, and we got to surprise them yesterday with the invitation.  They have been awesome to work with, and have both really enjoyed being with our team too.  Looking forward to getting to take them to their first NHL game and turning them into rabid hockey fans.  We have been quite the stereotypical hit down here.

Off to the blogs!


Jared Fehr (from last night)

Friday was an interesting day. My highlight of that day had to be the morning, like we had to wake up and be ready to go to the outreach by 6:00am. The name of the outreach was Ocotillo. It was by far my favourite part. Ocotillo is a children’s outreach where we basically go there and play games with the kids. This was our second day going to this outreach. So when we got there I went and sat down at a table, waiting for more kids to show up because it usually takes around 10 minutes for most of the kids to show up. So when they showed up around 10 minutes later and we set up all the games, then Tristan sat down at my part of the table and we started playing some marble game where we move marbles from one place to another and it’s really confusing to explain. He beat me quite a bit at it and then when I fully understood the game I beat him once and it was fun, he beat me so many times but it was lots of fun. Then he took out the game of Trouble. I remember when I played Trouble as a kid. We played with 3 players. Me, Tristan, and Savannah. He beat us the first game. Then we beat him the second game because it is nearly impossible to let him win this game. After we finished that the kid left and we went and prayed in a circle for the kids. Then we went outside and played football with the kids. After that we left and had breakfast around 8:00am. I don’t quite remember what we had. After that we went to Outlet and did a little bit of shopping because it was one of our last days here. Then later that night, after supper we went to another outreach, this one was on the Southside. This outreach was different then lots of the others. The kids at this place seemed way more hurt then all of the other outreaches. Like one kid was hitting a pole with a plastic baseball bat and they knocked my hat off and seemed a little more aggressive. I could see this was a harder neighbourhood to live in. We played basketball with the kids till around supper, and it was a pretty intense game. I was sweating by the end of it. Then we gave hotdogs to the kids and some older person gave a lesson about how Moses got the Israelites out of Egypt. And I gave out prizes and stuff to the kids and I talked to the kids about Jesus then we left. This outreach was about 4 hours. When we got back we debriefed then I was so tired around 10:00pm and I went straight to sleep. And that was that day.


Savannah Smith and Allison Egland

Hello this is Allison and Savannah! Our day at the Phoenix Dream Center we woke up pretty early and went to a daycare like little apartment and there was about 15 kids in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment. It was very inspirational listening to a little boy, named Israel, pray. He was so faithful and prayed for all the kids there. CASS is an outreach near downtown Phoenix where they feed homeless people breakfast and pick up garbage and interact with these people. At CASS I only saw a little group of homeless people but then we turned the corner and I saw LOTS more. It was sad to think of how many people were homeless. We had very brief but lovely conversations with some of them. We also went on a Crosswalk which is when a group of people go out on the street and evangelize. Some of us carried signs and some carried crosses. One night we went to the southside outreach (located in a high poverty neighbourhood). There was lots of children and we all had fun playing in the sand and playing basketball and listening to stories. A little boy came up to me (Savannah) Karleigh and Allison and pretended to shoot us with his toy gun. He had said that he was going to get a real gun and shoot every single person with this gun and that he wouldn’t care. When we had said the Lord wouldn’t have wanted that, he said that he would just shoot him too. It was sad to think that a child not yet the age of 10 was thinking of these things and what they grow up. We had a great childhood but this child has so much anger in him that he just resorts to thinking of shooting people. There was a little girl there named Jada who was sitting on my (Allison) lap while she was eating her soup. I was holding her bowl for her and at one point she offered me some of her soup, which I thought was really cool. Who knows the last time she had a meal and here she was offering someone she just met food. Glenrosa was our last outreach and our favorite one out of the whole trip. The best part was the face painting. Allison was the canvass for a lot of people, and Savannah read the story of Noah and the Ark to the children. It was a life changing trip and we will carry all of these memories with us forever. See you soon at home! :)



Photo 2015-02-19, 7 12 41 AM

Finishing up at CASS

Photo 2015-02-19, 1 01 15 PM

Best Photobomb of all time. Between Savannah and Jared. In-N-Out employeee… INSIDE the building.

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 05 23 PM

Gila River Reservation. We set up shop on a dilapitated cement pad. Sky was incredible, with the desert mountain in the background rising out of nowhere.

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 07 55 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 08 24 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 13 50 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 25 14 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 30 17 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-19, 6 36 39 PM

Gila River Reservation

Photo 2015-02-20, 7 37 23 AM

Ocatillo Outreach

Photo 2015-02-20, 7 39 03 AM

Ocatillo Outreach

DREAMCENTER 2015: DAY 4 – The Day Every Other Burger Became Second Rate

In-N-Out Burger.  Sooooooo good.

Austin (Goyer) has a full run down of the “actually important” stuff of the day, so I’ll let him do the heavy lifting, but I did want to get one little story in:

The staff here at PDC do not receive a salary.  Their room and board is covered, and they are free to take a side job if they can fit it around commitments, but realistically, many do not have additional time, after the 50-60+ hours a week they put in here.  As a result, small surprises can be big hurdles.

Such was the case for Eric, one of the staff members who led one of our outreaches yesterday.  He stopped me yesterday morning in the parking lot to ask if I could help him out, and fix his steering column on his truck. (He clearly does not know me). It was stuck in park, and needed a new part, as well as a mechanic to come on site and fix it as he could not afford the tow.  He had managed to work out a deal for $200 to get it fixed.  In the course of the conversation I realized he only had $85 bucks to his name, and was gonna see if the guy would do it for that, on faith that he would eventually get the rest. I mentioned this story to our team this morning, and by noon, your kids had all contributed out of their own pocket and their own “shopping money”.  When I found Eric this afternoon – a man our kids spent maaaaybe two hours with – he was dumbfounded when I handed him $135 bucks in cash.

I am so proud of your kids.  Their simple response to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and their gift affirmed a weary and concerned man.  As tears welled in his eyes I was awed at the graciousness and tenderness of your kids, who didn’t want to draw any attention to it.

But I am so honoured and humbled to also call them MY kids.

Take it away Austin (pictures tomorrow):


Today we had a little bit of a rude awakening because our alarm clock didn’t go off. We all woke up to the sound of Anna and Kristian pounding on our door at 6 o’clock when we were supposed to be up and leaving at 5:50. But even in the midst of being in a rush to get to CASS to handout food, pick up garbage and help the homeless, God showed up big and just as we were getting there, so was the food truck. I think that God always has a plan, whether big or small, to help you when you really need it (When you are literally out of time to get ready and then have to go serve, that’s definitely a time when you really need it.) Everyone was challenged today by Stephen to do something different than whatever we did yesterday at CASS. Today, instead of handing out coffee, Stephen and I went around the block to pick up trash. A man from the Dream Center approached us as we were collecting some garbage (so was he) and told us how much he himself as well the city and the homeless truly appreciated something as small as picking up small pieces of trash. The cleaner it is, the longer the police and the city will allow the homeless to stay in the morning to sleep and get food. It was such an indescribable feeling to know that what we were doing was small, yet effecting the bigger picture and delivering a much bigger message. The 2nd outreach that we did was at a care home for people severely disabled by old age and sickness. First we sang some songs of worship, then people were called, including myself, to talk about what God has been doing in their lives recently. As the outreach concluded, the man leading the outreach, Cody, called for any final prayer requests. There was only one, from an older woman in the front who asked for healing. She described to us that she had breast cancer, which spread to her right side and her spine/neck area. She told us that she has a lot of pain, and that she was a strong believer in prayer and called for us to pray over her for healing. Though I joined in the prayer, I was still deeply hurt by the experience. Though I know God will heal her, whether it’s on this earth or in the Kingdom of Heaven, it was painful to witness her pain and see her cry at the conclusion of the prayer. Her faith comforted me, but you wrestle with the fact that I may never see her again, and she is in God’s hands. It was personally the lowest moment and feeling I have had on this trip. Though it has been an unforgettable experience thus far, that moment will stay with me spiritually for a very long time. The 3rd and final outreach was at the Gila River Reservation where we set up a movie, face-painting table, a table with food, and played basketball and threw footballs with all the kids at the reservation. It was a great experience being down there, surrounded by all of God’s beauty in the heart of some huge mountains and just getting to spend some time with some children who just need a helping hand in getting to know Jesus. The song “Jesus Has a Plan for My Life”, complete with a set of actions, has been a big theme at all the children’s outreaches we’ve done so far. The song was sang at the reservation and all the kids were singing and just having a great time moving closer and closer to God. It was a very refreshing experience, as all of the children’s outreaches have been, to see children in some unfair situations let go of some of their worries and sing and have some fun for a few hours. Even something as small as handing out small cups of nachos with cheese sauce to them made them smile (especially when lots of them came back for a second cup. That made me smile too.) So far, it’s been an unbelievable and amazing week. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us for tomorrow and Saturday because each day He just seems to stretch all of us even further and put us farther and farther outside of our comfort zone to accomplish something we were unsure we could do at first. I will leave off with a verse that I’ve just come to know today. “The lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.” – Nahum 1:7

DREAMCENTER 2015: Day 3 – The Day I Gave Dawn Poop…. literally. (PLUS Student Blog from Cassie and Karleigh)

If yesterday wasn’t early enough, this morning started at 520AM.

We started the morning still in the cover of darkness as we pulled away from the building and made our way towards downtown Phoenix.  The sun was just beginning to come up when we turned a corner just past the AZ State Capitol building and arrived at CASS – Central Arizona Shelter Services.  The area has a couple building that have some crisis beds, as well as basic healthcare, but the big draw is an empty ashphalt parking lot that is completely fenced, and gets opened every night.  Each night, literally hundreds of homeless grab whatever covers they have and sleep on the pavement of this parking lot.  Every morning Dream Center has a team that shows up with breakfast and coffee.  It used to be that the police would come by and by daybreak be dispersing everyone out of the area for the day, but as a direct result of PDC’s outreach – and their willingness to clean up the area every morning as well – the police have extended to allow everyone to get something for breakfast.

Which is how Dawn and I found ourselves on garbage duty.  Myself on the poker stick, Dawn dutifully toting the garbage bag.  Which was all great and fine, and we were getting along quite well, until I picked up what looked  a dark blackish-brown piece of “garbage”.  It was not until I had it over the bag that we caught the smell and put two and two together.


Dawn, bless her heart, continued to carry the bag, only occasionally complaining.  We are headed back to CASS in the morning again…. I have yet to find a willing partner for garbage duty.

The kids were fantastic though.  For something they were all nervous about, CASS ended up being a highlight of the day for many of them.


After we got back and had breakfast of our own, we got to do bible study with the PDC Discipleship crew again, and then I enforced a mandatory 90 minute nap before lunch.  After lunch we headed out to a park, and had a chance to pray for people, hand out hygiene and food packs to those who needed them, and was a huuuuuge step outside of their comfort zone that your kids handled beautifully.

After getting back from the park, it was directly into the van to head out to another children’s outreach, this time in a run down townhouse complex.  Was fun to watch our crew of students jump right in, playing games, chasing kids, and having a blast.

After that it was back to the Center for supper, and then Wednesday night church.  So cool to see the community and support that is being provided here.  Plus, music was led by a 60 year dude with a long silver ponytail with an Aussie cowboy hat, a bolo tie who sand a rock/gospel/country/soul mix, and whose only discernible name was “Gator”.  Uh-May-Zing.

I recorded some audio.  Otherwise, no one would believe me.

We had a great discussion after about God’s incredible ability to restore and bring incredible good out of our own sinfulness, and even a chance to affirm students in their own gifting, rather than simply looking at the abilities of others and feeling insecure.  Fun day… now to bed and start all over again in the morning.  We get to wrap up the day tomorrow heading out to a First Nations reservation for a children’s outreach, so our crew is more than excited for the morning!


To wrap up tonight, here’s a quick update form Cassie (Penner) and Karleigh (Unruh) who both wanted to share the same story… so they did it together:

We had a fantastic day where God showed us many different things. First thing in the morning we woke up bright and early to head out to a place called cast. This neighbourhood was home to many homeless people. As we drove in we were stunned to see how many people there were waiting for us on the streets. Once we settled we were given nifty clamps to pick up garbage. A big highlight of our day was taking a walk to the park and telling people about God. We met a 12 year old boy named Jay. He saw everyone with our signs and introduced himself. We were both shocked at the amount of confidence he had to come up to us and talk to complete strangers. This was one of the things that impacted us the most. The last and best part of our day was at a children’s outreach. The kids were more than willing to participate in the songs and teaching. After eating hotdogs we all were running around playing tag. We bonded with the kids in a way we didn’t think we would. It was very hard for us to say goodbye. Between these outreaches and stuffing Mitchell’s beard with flowers and throwing a ball at a ceiling fan for an hour it was truly an amazing day and we are very excited to see what God has in store for us for the rest of the week.

PS: Shout out to Mom and Dad (Gary and Maxine) and Mom and Dad (Steve and Gayle)

Photo 2015-02-18, 2 10 50 PM

Playing with the kids at the park

Photo 2015-02-18, 5 00 02 PM

Timeout from Freeze Tag during chidrens outreach

Photo 2015-02-18, 4 59 00 PM

Townhouse unit where we did the children’s outreach

Photo 2015-02-18, 4 58 30 PM

common area of townhouse unit which served as freeze tag and 500up grounds

Photo 2015-02-18, 7 43 28 AM

CASS as we were getting ready to leave

Photo 2015-02-18, 7 05 35 PM


DREAMCENTER 2015: The Internet has Returned! (Updates from Day 1 and 2)

Huzzah!  We finally have the wireless “working”…. so long as I huddle in the right corner and don’t…move…an…inch.

In order to bring you up to speed, here is the going on’s of the last couple of days.  Later tonight we will try and get a student update for day 3.


Monday, February 16, 2015 // Day 1: Travel Day

We made it! Late night arrival, with the realization the Phoenix airport grounds were about half the size of Saskatoon made it pretty clear we are no longer in comfy cozy Canada!

We had a chance to get settled and do some brief orientation before bed, and got a chance to meet the mission guides we will have for the week—Kristian, and Anna. The cool part is that both of them are part of the Dream Centre Recovery program, which is a 6 month intensive live-in onsite recovery/rehab program. Both of them are about 4 months into their programs, but it is really cool to see them living through the stuff we are talking about, and helping give a face to the organization.

The facility itself is really cool, and the range of stuff they have going on is mindboggling. Phoenix Dream Center runs 43 community outreaches a week (ya, you read that right.), but what was most fascinating to me was the stuff they are doing here.

An old suites-style hotel, the complex for a square shape. A main building, with three building of suites forming the other sides, a courtyard and “pool house” in the middle (the repurposed poolhouse is where the guys are staying). Each suite building is three stories, and each floor has a purpose.


PDC Living

Providing emergency housing for single parents and families in crisis, and connecting them to the proper social services and organizations to get them settled in a stable home environment.


PDC Young Adult

Providing care, life skills training, and accommodation to young men and women who “age out” of foster care, or turn 18. Krystal—the missions coordinator here—told us a story last night of a young man that recently entered the program, who, on his 18th birthday, was made to sleep in the car outside by his foster “family”, who emptied out his room and sent him on his way in the morning.


PDC Discipleship Program

A 6th month rehab and recovery program. There is a stringent intake process, and lots of parameters set in place, but think of it like Teen Challenge on steroids. At any time, Dream Center is providing care and shelter to over 300 people on site.


PDC Hope Project

This is the one I got most excited about. The fourth floor of the building is extremely restricted access. We are not allowed up there at all, and only some staff are. It is there that the Hope Project exists—a rescue, recovery, and escape for women who are rescued or freed from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. These ladies don’t even leave the fourth floor for the first four months that they are in the program.

There are tons of other ministry things going on too, from providing clothing, to a barbershop and hair salon that is staffed by professional volunteers for all the people living here, to my favourite:

A tattoo removal technician who gives free tattoo removal. This is deeply significant, not only for the those wishing to removing gang tattoos, and other regretful choices, but for the Hope Project as well. A common practice among pimps and human traffickers is to “brand” the women they have working for them as their property, often with a tattoo. They literally sometimes write their names on these woman as a constant reminder that they are no longer individuals with their own value and purpose. There is something deeply significant about the healing process about being able to have that last remaining mark removed, and being “made new”.

It also gets me excited because it is people in every-day lines of work who are finding ways to use their expertise—their livelihood—to be used by God to return value and hope to those God calls us to care for.

Cool place. Looking forward to seeing what the week has in store.



Tuesday, February 17, 2015 // Day 2: IT’S A KRISPY KREME!!!

These people get up early. Our day started at 5.30am, in order to be ready for a 6am departure. The people living here are part of the recovery program? Their day starts at four. AM.


Photo 2015-02-17, 7 52 05 AMAlthough its also 25 degrees out.  Win some lose some, I guess.

That early start today resulted in working at a kids breakfast, where a retired lady and her husband provide breakfast and care for kids in a low income neighbourhood while they wait for the bus to arrive to take them to school. We got to play and hang out with the kids. I got soundly beaten in a “hood game” of dominoes with our host Kristian, who grew up in Compton, LA (our girls host is named Anna, who is also almost finished the PDC program and is a native Phoenix…ian? Phoenician? person from Phoenix).

After breakfast, we came back, had our own breakfast, and then some more orientation on what our outreaches will be the next couple days, and then got to go to a bible study with a bunch of the students here. After lunch, half of the group headed to a special needs nursing home to sing some songs, while the other half helped sort clothing to be given away, and then we all headed for another children’s outreach, serving hotdogs, and teaching bible stories in a Hispanic trailer park.

A full day, and somewhere in there we managed to find a Krispy Kreme donut shop as well, which I made sure to introduce all of your children to!

Tomorrow looks to be another full schedule, and starts at FIVE FIFTY so we are all heading to bed.Beautiful, beautiful bed.