Our Vision



Values that are Foundational to who we are:
1. The authority and truth of the full biblical revelation
2. The Lordship of Christ and cost of discipleship

Values which further define our church/core values which guide our decisions
1. Life span connection, equipping, discipleship and full engagement
2. External focus with world impact
3. Life transforming biblical equipping and action.

Life stewardship and generosity
Values we aspire to:
1. 80% full engagement across all age groups of the church
2. Ever increasing prayer focus

Cornerstone Church will change our world.

Mission Statement
Through God’s Word, and by our actions, we will change hearts to change lives in our community and around our world.


In light of our foundational and core values, Cornerstone Church seeks to:

  1. Provide opportunity for all members to connect with one another, engage in areas for service and discipleship and encourage and inspire them to be involved.
  2. Develop a culture where people are striving for spiritual growth.
  3. Practice hospitality in engaging with people who are new to Cornerstone and create a culture and environment in which they can be engaged and involved.

To that end Cornerstone Church will focus attention and prioritize discipleship and hospitality

  1. Discipleship – we will foster a culture of intentional connection with Jesus (love the Lord your God…) through authentic relationships with others (who are you discipling and who is discipling you?).
  2. Hospitality – we will foster a culture of intentional connection with others (and your neighbour as yourself…) through authentic interaction and investment in other’s lives.
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